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Edgar Graham Prize 2009 for originality in development studies 2009, for ‘Rural Commercial Capital (OUP New Delhi)


(co) author of 17 books; (co) editor of 18 books; (co) author of 13 consultancy reports to Un agencies; contributors of 117 chapters to edited books, 95 journal papers and 66 working papers/web-based presentations 

Selected Books:

2004 (with S. Janakarajan and others) RURAL INDIA FACING THE 21ST CENTURY London, Anthem Press


2012 LOCAL CAPITALISM: AGRI-BUSINESS IN NORTHERN TAMIL NADU, 1970-2010 Three Essays Press also South Asia work-in-progress research papers (below)

Selected Edited Books/Special Issues:

1984 (Arnold Pacey and Philip Payne) AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT AND NUTRITION London, Hutchinson for FAO and UNICEF

1994 (with Sir Raymond Hoffenberg) FOOD : Multidisciplinary Essays, Oxford Blackwells

2008 (with Supriya Garikipati) INDIA'S SEMI ARID RURAL ECONOMY: LIVELIHOODS, SEASONAL MIGRATION AND GENDER European Journal of Development Research (Special Issue) vol 20, no 4 (with Judith Heyer)

2010 THE COMPARATIVE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF DEVELOPMENT : Africa and South Asia (Routledge) (with Elisabetta Basile)

2010 INDIA’S INFORMAL CAPITALISM AND ITS REGULATION International Review of Sociology (SPECIAL ISSUE) vol 20 no 3

Chapters: – (relevant to current research)
2011 Theoretical Plurality in Markets conceived as Social and Political Institutions ch 2 pp 25-42 (in (ed ) J Gertel Economic Spaces of Pastoral Production and Commodity Systems: Markets and Livelihoods ISBN 978-1-4094-2531-1 , Ashgate.)

Papers: – (relevant to current research)
2009 (with Deepak Mishra and Vandana Upadhyay) ‘Institutional Diversity and Capitalist Transformation: The Political Economy of Agrarian Change in Arunachal Pradesh’ Journal of Agrarian Change 9,4, pp512-547

2011 with Alpa Shah ‘Resurrecting Scholarship on Agrarian Transformations’ Economic and Political Weekly September 17, 2011 vol xlvI no 38

2012 with Niaz Khan ‘The Ghost in the Machine: Bangladesh Forest Policy Discourse’ Economic and Political Weekly vol 47 no 17 April 28th pp100-8

Selected Working Papers – (relevant to current research)
2008 Can Agriculture drive development and reduce poverty? Debating the World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development Swedish Agricultural University Uppsala

2010 Capitalism and the Common Man: four decades of Development in Africa and South Asia

South Asia Research Publications