OSGA Thematic Research Clusters

OSGA Thematic Research Clusters

Our Thematic Research Clusters aim to improve the OSGA research environment and increase the impact of research beyond academia.  In particular, their goals are:

  • to collaborate at the leading edge of social sciences on areas and regions
  • to make research accessible to a wide audience, and involve policy makers, professionals, businesses and general public (civil society) in their work
  • to foster interdisciplinary, international and inter-sectoral collaborations to increase the impact of OSGA research

Additionally, our Thematic Research Clusters organise rounds of thematic workshops aimed to identify novel, interdisciplinary, international, and inter-sectoral collaborations.

If you are interested to get involved in our next round of thematic workshops, please send to the Research Officer your references and the Cluster of your interest.

Learn more about our Thematic Research Clusters: