Dr Mary Zhang

Research Interests

Research Disciplines:

  • Poverty

  • Sustainable development

Research Keywords:

  • Poverty, social exclusion, gender equality, sustainable development, resilience, climate change, well-being


  • Low- and Middle-income countries

Research Cluster:

Research Grants

A Pan-African and Transdisciplinary Lens on the Margins: Tackling the Risks of Extreme Events, International Development Research Centre, 2023-26, as Co-PI

From Flooding Storylines to Resilience Stories in Lusaka, Natural Environment Research Council, 2021-22, as Co-PI

Monograph on Child Poverty in Zanzibar, United Nations Children’s Fund, 2021-22, as Co-PI

Physical and Mental Health Toll of Food Insecurity due to Climate Change, University of Bristol Pro-Vice-Chancellor-Research Strategic Research Investment Fund, 2021, as PI

Exploring the Feasibility of Providing in-time Bespoke Measurement and Statistical Consultancy beyond Academia, Economic and Social Research Council, Accelerating Business Collaboration Scheme, 2021, as PI

Integration of Multidimensional Child Poverty Analysis in National Statistics, United Nations Children’s Fund, 2020-21, as Co-PI

Child Poverty Estimates in Pakistan, United Nations Children’s Fund, 2020-21, as Co-PI

Estimating the Vulnerability of African Girls and their Families to Covid-19 Infections, University of Bristol Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, Global Public Health Strand Covid-19 Fund, 2020, as Co-PI

Supporting the Measurement and Enhancement of African Children’s Rights and Well-being in Nutrition, Healthcare and Education through a Gender Lens, Economic and Social Research Council, Global Challenges Research Fund Scheme, 2019-21, as PI

Poverty and Malnutrition in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Economic and Social Research Council, Impact Acceleration Account, 2018-19, as PI

Helping to Improve the Measurement of Multiple Malnutrition in Developing Countries, Economic and Social Research Council, Impact Acceleration Account, 2018, as PI

Understanding Poverty and Social Exclusion in China and the United Kingdom, Economic and Social Research Council, International Strategic Fund, 2017, as PI


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