War and the Future of Ukraine - Conference

Chair: Katherine Younger (Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna); Paul Chaisty (OSGA, St Antony's); Roy Allison (REES, St Antony's); Gwendolyn Sasse (ZOiS, Berlin); Timothy Garton Ash (St Antony's).

Convenors: REES, OSGA; ESC & RESC, St Antony's; Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna; Centre for East European and International Studies, Berlin.

Speakers: Tetyana Malyarenko (Odesa Academy of Law); Tamara Martsenyuk (Kyiv-Mohyla – to participate virtually); Sarah Whitmore (Oxford Brookes); Bettina Renz (Nottingham); Lenka Bustikova (REES, St Antony's); Yuliya Bidenko (Karazin Kharkiv National University); Olga Tokariuk (Reuters Institute, Oxford); Volodymyr Paniotto (Kyiv-Mohyla - to participate virtually); Andrew Wilson (UCL SSEES); Tatiana Zhurzhenko (ZOiS, Berlin); Vlad Mykhnenko (Oxford); Denys Nizalov (De Montfort); Roy Allison (REES, St Antony's); Jonathan Holslag (Free University of Brussels); Kateryna Zarembo (New Europe Center, Kyiv – to participate virtually); Viktoriya Sereda (Ukrainian Catholic University - to participate virtually).

Conference programme

11-12.45: Panel 1: The War: its features and its course  

Chair: Katherine Younger (Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna)

Tetyana Malyarenko (Odesa Academy of Law): 'From Hybrid to Conventional War in Ukraine: Why Mediation Failed?’

Tamara Martsenyuk (Kyiv-Mohyla – to participate virtually): ‘Women’s Participation in Defending Ukraine in Russia's War’

Sarah Whitmore (Oxford Brookes) and Bettina Renz (Nottingham): 'Preparing for war: The domestic and international politics of military reform in Ukraine' 

14.00: East European Politics Lenka Bustikova (St Antony's) 

14.15-16.00: Panel 2: Ukrainian politics before and after the war

Chair: Paul Chaisty (St Antony's)

Yuliya Bidenko (Karazin Kharkiv National University), ‘The role of decentralization in the Ukrainian resistance and the post-war recovery’

Olga Tokariuk (Reuters Institute, Oxford), 'The Impact of War on Journalism in Ukraine'

Volodymyr Paniotto (Kyiv-Mohyla - to participate virtually), ‘War and changes in Ukrainian public opinion’

Andrew Wilson (UCL SSEES): 'Ukrainian Politics since February 2022'  

17.00-18.45: Keynote Lecture  

Chair: Roy Allison (St Antony's)

Tatiana Zhurzhenko (ZOiS, Berlin): ‘(De)occupation: challenges for the Ukrainian state and society’

Saturday 19 November  

9.30-11.00 Panel 3: Social and economic reconstruction 

Chair: Gwendolyn Sasse (ZOiS, Berlin)

Vlad Mykhnenko (Oxford): ‘Ukraine’s urban and regional development: before and after the Russo-Ukrainian war’

Denys Nizalov (De Montfort),’Compensation of property losses and the restitution of rights in post-war Ukraine’

Viktoriya Sereda (Ukrainian Catholic University - to participate virtually): ‘The power of the disempowered: civic activism and displacement in Ukraine’

11.30-13.00 Panel 4: Ukraine, Europe and the Future of World Order  

Chair: Timothy Garton Ash (St Antony's)

Kateryna Zarembo (New Europe Center, Kyiv – to participate virtually): ‘Coming of age: the reappraisal of EU-Ukraine relations’  

Roy Allison (St Antony's): ‘Ukraine at the frontline of Russia’s challenge to international order’

Jonathan Holslag (Free University of Brussels): ‘The Ukrainian war and the balance of power in Eurasia’


Co-convened by the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies; St. Antony’s College, Oxford (Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre and European Studies Centre); the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna; Centre for East European and International Studies, Berlin.