Modern South Asian Studies Seminar: The Sweatshop Regime: Garments, Exploitation and labouring Bodies made in India

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Conveners: Matthew McCartney, Mallica Kumbera Landrus and Rosalind O'Hanlon

Speaker: Alessandra Mezzadri (SOAS, London)

Based on a recent book, this presentation depicts the Indian garment sweatshop as a 'regime' of exploitation and oppression crafted by multiple actors and crossing productive and reproductive realms.
This labour-centred approach has implications for some key contemporary development debates.


Alessandra Mezzadri is Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at SOAS, London. Her research interests focus on global industrial circuits and labour informalisation; labour standards and ethical consumerism; feminist and social reproduction theory; and India’s political economy. She was the India co-investigator for the ESRC/DfID project, “Labour Standards and the Working Poor in China and India,” and sole investigator for the India-focused British Academy project, “The Global Village? Homeworking in the Global Economy.” Her research has been published in journals such as Third World Quarterly, Progress in Development Studies, Competition and Change, Oxford Development Studies, and Global Labour Journal, among others, and across several media outlets. Alessandra is the author of The Sweatshop Regime: Labouring Bodies, Exploitation and Garments 'Made in India' published by Cambridge University Press in 2017.

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All welcome. No prior booking required. For further information please contact Maxime Dargaud-Fons on or 01865-274559. Co-funded by the Ashmolean Museum, the Asian Studies Centre of St Antony's College, the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme at the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, the Department of International Development, the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

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