MSc in Latin American Studies

MSc in Latin American Studies


This is a nine-month programme which spans three academic terms.

The programme is intended to provide an interdisciplinary understanding of the main developments in Latin America since c1900 to the present. While the programme emphasises the specific features of individual countries, there is also broad comparative coverage of major trends such as authoritarianism and democracy, the economic cycle, the effect of international factors, the evolution of the Left and Right, revolutionary movements, and the effects of neo-liberal economic models. Find out more about our current MSc students and their experiences here.

These topics are addressed through taught classes for a number of academic disciplines (including History, Politics, Sociology, International Relations and Economics), individual preparation for a range of exam papers, and a lively programme of seminars and conferences with visiting speakers. Students are asked to submit two portfolios of essays on subjects of their choice during the first two terms. These essays serve both as a focus for tutorials to review student progress, as well as preparation for exams at the end of the year.

In the final term of the programme, students will be required to sit three exam papers, and you may view the range of papers available for 2017/18 here.

In addition to the three exams, students are required to submit a dissertation of 10,000 words. The preparation of this dissertation will allow students to develop a critical focus by examining a particular topic in depth. Click here to see the titles submitted by previous MSc LAS students.


For any queries regarding the application process please contact

Applications must be submitted by noon on one of the following dates: 16th November 2018 and 25th January 2019We recommend that you submit your application in the first deadline.

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