Workshop: The Interface of Domestic and International Factors in India's Foreign Policy

Conveners: Matthew McCartney and Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt

Speakers: Suranjan Das (Vice Chancellor, Jadavpur), Matthew McCartney (Oxford), George Kunnath (Oxford), Shantanu Shakrabarti (Calcutta) , Catarina Kinnvall (Lund), Ted Svensson (Lund) , Jørgen Dige Petersen (Aarhus), Inge-Merete Ejsing Dunn (Aalborg), Johannes Dragsbæk Schmidt (Aalborg)

Programme to include:

1)    Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt and Shantanu Chakrabati - The Interface of Domestic and International Factors in India’s Foreign Policy

2)    Catarina Kinnvall and Ted Svensson - Challenging Foreign Policy: The Homeland Dimension and Return Visits among Indian Diasporas

3)    Jørgen Dige Pedersen - Aid Policy as Foreign Policy?

Further Information

This is a SARC (South Asia Research Cluster) and CSASP (Contemporary South Asia Studies Programme) event, co-organised with Aalborg University