Women's Rights Research Seminar: The Archaeology of Experience of Domestic Violence against women in Iran (Middle East Centre)


Speaker: Shahla Tizro (York St John University)

This paper is based on a qualitative study conducted in Iran with 62 men, women and judicial officials in relation to domestic violence against women in Iran mainly in Gilan province situated in the north of Iran. My interviewees were mainly from different towns with different socio-economic backgrounds. In this paper, firstly, I will explain the structure of marital relationship in the context of Iranian legal system with Islamic jurisprudence as the mainstream discourse. I will deal with how conflicts of interests in marriage are conceptualized and resolved by men women and judicial officials and how these views are contextualised in judicial and legal as well as cultural contexts that both support and perpetuate violence.

Image source: http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iran/050120141