Wolfson SARC Event: The challenges of universalising social policy: India in comparative perspective


Convener: Dr Indrajit Roy

Speakers: Amrita Chhachhi, Barbara Harriss-White, Diego Sanchez-Ancochea, Elaine Chase, Harsh Mander, Indrajit Roy, Jan Breman, Matthew McCartney

Social policy in India is variegated and fragmented. Recent conversations have turned to a focus on universalising basic incomes. Nevertheless, universal coverage of social policy pertaining to such critical areas such as education, health, incomes and insurance and food security remain outside the purview of political and public policy discourse. Furthermore, social policies are rarely embedded in vocabularies of inclusion, rights and social justice. Although the Indian Government espouses the principle of inclusive growth, universal social policy remains a distant dream.


The participants at this consultation will examine the evidence on the political and social drivers of social exclusion and inclusion and draw lessons from and for the Indian experience. How and why do governments institute inclusive social policy? Although the empirical focus of the consultation is India, the workshop will situate the Indian case in comparative perspective.


Harsh Mander, human rights activist and Director, Center for Equity Studies in Delhi will present an update from India, based on his work for the India Exclusion Report 2015.


Registration is required for this event.  Please email indrajit.roy@qeh.ox.ac.uk to reserve a place.

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