Western Intervention in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings: Political Containment, Neoliberalism, and Imperial Legacies

western intervention


Online Workshop, February 23-25, 2021
University of Oxford, Oxford School of Global and
Area Studies and the Middle East Centre



Convenors: SPF Fellows Susann Kassem and Shun Watanabe
Generously sponsored by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation


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Tuesday, February 23, 9-10:15 am


Junko Chano (Sasakawa Peace Foundation) and Eugene Rogan (University of Oxford) Opening remarks


Susann Kassem (University of Oxford) and Shun Watanabe (Kyoto University) Introductory comments


Benjamin Schütze (Arnold Bergstraesser Institute Freiburg) Managing and controlling popular discontent: External ‘democracy promotion’ interventions in Jordan


Shun Watanabe (Kyoto University) Politics of reform as a new ruling formula in neoliberal Jordan: the case of decentralisation



Wednesday, February 24, 4-5:15 pm


Jacob Mundy (Colgate University) Why is the ‘everywhere war’ mostly in the Middle East and North Africa?


Kiri Santer (University of Bern) Governance assemblages in cooperative deterrence: the case of the Libyan Coast Guard


Negar Razavi (Northwestern University) Syria still haunts me: The moral-affective politics of Washington’s ‘non-intervention’ interventions in the Arab world



Thursday, February 25, 4-5:15 pm


Corinna Mullin (CUNY/ New School) Disciplining revolt: ‘Counter-terror’ as (neo)colonial intervention in post-uprising Tunisia


Catherine Herrold (Indiana University) Negotiating Western intervention: NGOs, foreign aid, and civil society in post-uprising Egypt


Susann Kassem (University of Oxford) Concluding remarks