Warsaw-Krakow-Oxford Joint Conference

Convener: Kate Sullivan de Estrada

The Contemporary South Asia Studies Programme welcomes students from the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University, Krakow to share their recent research.

Przemysław Dalek China's leading role in world politics: the strategy in Africa

Mateusz Danielewski North Korean cast system and the question of human rights

Ivan Kaminskyi Is China going to be a superpower?

Katarzyna Sulisz Challenges and opportunities for textile industry in Southeast Asia in 21st century

Nina CzyżewskaNepal-EU: How and to what extend EU’s help contributed to Nepal’s development?

Maria Mota Fernandes Access to healthcare in India: understanding the disparities among refugees and the host population

Agnieszka KozaMay Trump's Presidency Push America towards Active Engagement in the Kashmir Conflict?

Jakub ŁataInvolvement of India in Afghanistan - current political and economic relations.

Jakub StefanowskiThe Strategic choice of India. Geoeconomics as an essentials core of Indian foreign policy


All welcome. A sandwich lunch will be provided.