Warsaw-Krakow-Oxford Joint Conference

Convener: Matthew McCartney

Speakers: Barbara Kratiuk, Marcin Grabowski, Jakub Zajaczowski, Dorota Heidrich, Matthew McCartney, Kate Sullivan de Estrada, George Kunnath

The Contemporary South Asia Studies Programme welcomes academics from the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University, Krakow to share their recent research.

Barbara Kratiuk Imagines Communities: India and security cooperation in South and Southeast Asia

Marcin Grabowski Evolution of International Institutions in the Asia-Pacific 1989-2017

Jakub Zajączowski Security Dilemma in Indo-Pacific region

Dorota Heidrich Refugee protection in South Asia - challenges and perspectives

Matthew McCartney Sustainable Economic Growth and the Middle Income Trap: The Case of Bangladesh

Kate Sullivan de Estrada India and the re-making of the liberal world order

George Kunnath From Marx to Ambedkar: Monogamy, Caste Endogamy and Women’s Oppression


All welcome