War and the Future of Europe

In the years to come, conflict in Europe will test the European Union’s ability to push back against anti-democratic forces. As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, other global pressure points—ranging from environmental and health to digital and demographic issues—converge. Autocratic and democratic governments are locked in a global power struggle, throwing Europe into an uncertain future.
The EU will need to renew its efforts to maintain the world order, and its own autonomy, without supporting the aims of anti-American isolationists.


This event will showcase results of the strategic foresight exercise conducted by a project consortium at Visegrad Insight resulting in the report titled ‘War and the Future of Europe’. The report presents four different scenarios in the context of the aftermath of Russia’s war in Ukraine. It is a result of 12 months of interactive workshops with a broad base of civil society leaders, primarily from the CEE, with the aim of encouraging transnational debate on the EU’s future. It has been prepared in conjunction with the Conference on the Future of Europe and has taken into account the war’s impact.


A presentation of the report will be followed by comment and discussion by Dr Dimitar Bechev and Prof Lenka Buštíková.


This event is jointly organized by Russian and East European Studies (University of Oxford) and the European Studies Centre (St Antony's College, Oxford), together with the Visegrad Insights Team.