Values Confliction and Identification in China’s Generation Y

Professor Leiping Bao  

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences 

China Centre, Lucina Ho Seminar Room 

China’s Generation Y, born in the 1980s and 1990s, is an important cohort group among Chinese society. Based on a large-scale survey in Shanghai, China, this study delves into the characteristics of value confiscation and identification, indicating that Chinese Generation Y was born in a time of great change, high mobility and quick digitization, which gave them a prolonged youth period, diverse trajectories, and multiple chances. The study shows that Generation Y has values different from western youth, both materialism and post-materialism coexisting among them. 


Leiping Bao, Research Professor in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, focuses on Social Polices and Youth Development. Her publications include Values' Confliction and Identification in Chinese “80”, “90” Generation (SASS Publishing House, 2020), Myth of Only-child (Shanghai People's Publishing House, 2012), Shanghai Women’s Development in Past 60 Years (SASS Publishing House, 2010). She is currently an Academic Visitor at the China Centre. 


28 April 2023 

1:00–2:00 pm 

Mandarin Presentation   English PPT   Bilingual Q&A    

Convenor: Dr Annie Hongping Nie