LAC History Seminar Series: Feminism for the Americas: The Making of an International Human Rights Movement, 1910s-1940s


feminism for the americas
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Convener: Professor Eduardo Posada-Carbó

Speaker: Katherine Marino, University of California, Los Angeles, in conversation with Mark Petersen, University of Dallas


Katherine Marino is an Associate Professor of History at the University of California at Los Angeles. She researches and teaches transnational histories of women, gender, and sexuality; U.S. empire; and international human rights in the Americas. Her book Feminism for the Americas: The Making of an International Human Rights Movement tells a new history of global feminism and international human rights, powered by a hemispheric movement of Latin American and Caribbean feminists in the early twentieth century. It's received the LASA Luciano Tomassini Latin American International Relations Book Award, the Barbara "Penny" Kanner Prize from the Western Association of Women's Historians, and co-won the Ida Blom-Karen Offen Prize in Transnational Women's and Gender History from the International Federation for Research in Women's History. It's also received honourable mentions for the WAWH Frances Richardson Keller-Sierra Prize and the Organization of American Historians Mary Jurich Nickliss Prize in U.S. Women's and/or Gender History."


Mark Petersen is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Dallas, where he teaches courses on both Latin American and U.S. history. His research explores Latin American participation in pan-American cooperation as well as broader trends in Western Hemisphere internationalism during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He has a book manuscript (Our Pan America: Southern Cone Pan-Americanism, 1888-1933) under review and recently launched a new digital research project: “Thinking Hemispherically: Pan-American Periodicals, 1893-1948”.