Mental Health in India - Bridging the Gap


The first India Mental Health Conference will take place at St Antony’s College, Oxford on Wednesday 30 & Thursday 31 October 2019. Bringing together experts from these three areas: Clinical, Policy and Social/Historical. Within these broad topics the conference will explore severe and non-severe mental illness, the guidelines and protocol for these illnesses and examples of care models, as well as India’s current policies for care and delivery and also examining studies on care for individual and populations both historically and currently.  

Keynotes by Sushrut Jadhav and Keshav Desirju.


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As part of our effort to disseminate research on delivery of  mental healthcare in India, we are commissioning a supplement in the Journal of Public Health (, which publishes manuscripts on public health research and practice.  Two manuscripts from this supplement are open to competitive submissions from conference attendees – one manuscript focused on population health  aspects and one on anthropological/historical aspects of mental healthcare in India.  If you want to submit any appropriate work undertaken in this area to be considered for possible inclusion in the supplement please submit it via by 5pm GMT on Oct 18, 2019.  The winners will be announced on Oct 31st.

Draft programme:

Wedneday 30 October

9.00-9.30   Registration/tea & coffee (Investcorp)

9.30-9.45   Introduction by Premila Webster and Faisal Devji (Investcorp)

9.45-10.00 Setting the scene: The Mental Health Act in India - what next? Keshav Desiraju (Investcorp)

10.00-10.20 What works – the evidence Non-specialist health worker interventions for mental health care in low- and middle- income countries – the evidence Professor Pratap Tharyan (Investcorp)

10.20-10.40 What works – the reality Community-based interventions for common mental disorders in low and middle-income countries Professor Soumitra Pathare (Investcorp)

10.40-11.00 What works – the reality Innovative provision of primary mental health care in rural India - SMART Mental Health Professor Pallab Maulik (Investcorp)

11.00-11.30 Break: tea & coffee (Investcorp)

11.30-12.00 Panel Discussion (Investcorp)

12.00-12.20 Working outside the traditional clinical model - Observations from experience working with the most socio­economically deprived and psychiatrically unwell in Vellore, India Dr Anna Tharyan (Skype presentation) (Investcorp)

12.20-12.40 Service and delivery models – working with SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation) India Professor Vinod Srihari (Investcorp)

12.40-1.00   Responsive mental health systems to address the poverty, homelessness and mental illness nexus: The Banyan experience from India Lakshmi Narasimhan (Investcorp)

1.00-2.00     Lunch (Investcorp)

2.00-2.20     Learning from others Public Health England’s Global Mental Health initiative Dr Anees Pari (Investcorp)

2.20-2.40     Identifying perinatal depression in resource-constrained settings: lessons from the Thai-Myanmar border Dr Gracia Fellmeth (Investcorp)

2.40-3.00     Mental health and stress the multi­disciplinary teams approach Professor Georgia Watson (Investcorp)

3.00-3.15     Break: tea & coffee (Investcorp)

3.15-4.00     Panel Discussion (Investcorp)

5.00-6.30     Keynote by Professor Sushrut Jadhav and Dr Maan Barua (Pavilion)

Thursday 31 October

10.00-10.10 Introduction by Professor Faisal Devji (Investcorp)

Cultural and Religious traditions and their relation to mental health in India

10.10-10.30 The Indian Oedipus Dr Shruti Kapila (Investcorp

10.30-10.50 Psychoanalysis of the Oppressed, A Practice of Freedom: Free Clinics in Urban India Professor Ankhi Mukherjee (Investcorp)

10.50-11.10 Sufi shrines and shrine-based atments in mental health (TBC) Dr Anand Vivek Taneja (Investcorp)

11.10-11.30 The Opioid Epidemic in India (TBC) Dr Bhrigupati Singh (Investcorp)

11.30-11.45 Break: tea & coffee (Investcorp)

11.45-12.15 Panel Discussion (Investcorp)

12.15-1.00  Announcement of winner of Journal of Public Health papers followed by the presentation from the winners (Investcorp)

1.00-2.00   Lunch (Investcorp)

2.00-3.30   Working Group session on materials for the website; 

                  Future collaborations; 

                  Papers for supplement - next steps (Dahrendorf)

5.00-6.30   Keynote by Keshav Desiraju (Somerville)