Third CAF-Oxford Conference "Understanding the Challenges of Informality: Political, Economic and Social Dimensions"

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Conveners: CAF-Development Bank of Latin America and Latin American Centre, University of Oxford

Speakers: Enrique García, Executive President, CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, Diego Sánchez-Ancochea, Director of the Latin American Centre, University of Oxford, Roger Goodman, Head of Social Sciences Division, University of Oxford, José Antonio Ocampo, Professor, Columbia University & Former Minister of Finance, Colombia, Germán Ríos, Director of Strategic Affairs, CAF -Development Bank of Latin America, Timothy Power, Director of the Brazilian Studies Programme, University of Oxford, David Doyle, Associate Professor of Politics, University of Oxford, Eduardo Posada-Carbó, Professor of the History and Politics of Latin America, University of Oxford, Sonia Gontero, Economic Affairs Officer, ECLAC, Angel Melguizo, Head of the Latin American and Caribbean Unit at, OECD, Cecilia López, President, CiSoe, Daniel Ortega, Director of Impact Evaluation and Policy Learning, CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, Carlota Pérez, Professor of Technology and Development, London School of Economics, Fabiana Machado, Research Economist, IDB, Carlos Ominami, Former Minister of Economy and Former Senator, Chile

The Conference will launch a third joint programme between CAF and the Latin American Centre at the University of Oxford. It builds on an exciting collaboration between the Centre and CAF-Development Bank of Latin America over the last four years that has helped to fund scholarships for two Latin American students as well as invite a senior Latin American economist to Oxford each year. This Conference will host prominent speakers with a range of disciplinary approaches to discuss the challenges of informality across Latin America, and the political, social and economic dimensions of these challenges.

Please go to the following link to book your place at the event:

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