The Russian Novel in the 21st Century

resc 26 oct

Convener: Oliver Ready (St Antony's)

  • Elena Chizhova (novelist), Aleksandr Snegiryov (novelist), Igor Shaitanov (Literary Secretary of the Russian Booker Prize)
  • Igor Shaitanov (Literary Secretary of the Russian Booker Prize): Contemporary Russian fiction in the mirror of the Russian Booker
  • Elena Chizhova (novelist): The ongoing fascination in the Russian novel with the Soviet past
  • Aleksandr Snegiryov (novelist): From the e-book back to oral literature: live speech as a challenge to virtual reality [in Russianwith translation]

This year marks a quarter-century of the Russian Booker Prize’s activity. Elena Chizhova (b. 1957) received the Prize in 2009 for her novel The Time of Women (Vremya zhenshchin). Aleksandr Snegiryov (b. 1980) is the current award-holder for his novel Vera.

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