South Asia from Afar

Conveners: Nayanika Mathur (OSGA) and Sneha Krishnan (SoGE)

Speakers: Manan Ahmed (Columbia); Ajantha Subramanian (Harvard); Ravinder Kaur (Copenhagen)


How do Social Scientists and Humanities scholars continue to do research in South Asia despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 is making research in and on South Asia almost impossible in the current moment. In many ways, this is something we have been thinking about from well before the coronavirus took over: increasingly access to places ranging from field sites to archives are being curtailed in South Asia, and those who write on pressing political questions find themselves censored in various ways; our own professional and personal lives - wherever in the world we may be located - make it harder to do the kind of fieldwork that continues to stand as the academic norm. A conversation on method and the study of South Asia is, therefore, long overdue.

Over the Summer we will be hosting a series of methodological conversations via Zoom on studying South Asia from afar.

The first session on June 23, 2-3 pm BST is with:

Professor Manan Ahmed (Columbia)

Professor Ravinder Kaur (Copenhagen)

Professor Ajantha Subramanian (Harvard)

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