Presentation of CAF Economy and Development Report 2016: More Skills for Work and Life

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Convener: Diego Sanchez Ancochea

Speaker(s): Diego Sanchez Ancochea, Director of Latin American Centre, Oxford; Lucila Berniell, Research Economist, CAF; Rafael Novella, Economist, Inter-American Development Bank; Marta Favara, Senior Researcher Officer, Oxford

In cooperation with the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), the Latin American centre will present the CAF Economy and Development Report 2016  "More skills for work and life: the contribution of families, schools, jobs, and the social context."

Skills are the foundation of human capital. They are the tools that a person can use to effectively solve problems and face new challenges, and they not only include knowledge or abstract reasoning, but also personality traits, beliefs and even physical dexterities. This report shows that having more skills implies getting a better job and being more productive, being physically and mentally healthier, participating more actively in society, completing more years of education, more life satisfaction, among other aspects of personal wellbeing. This report also emphasizes that, unlike the human capital measured by years of education, skills for work and life are not only developed through formal education. The family, the physical and social environment (the neighborhood or community) and the labor market are also contexts of crucial importance in the accumulation of skills.

Dr. Diego Sanchez Ancochea, Director of Latin American Centre, University of Oxford.

Lucila Berniell, Research Economist, CAF.

Rafael Novella, Economist, Labor Markets and Social Security, Inter-American Development Bank.

Marta Favara,  Senior Researcher Officer, University of Oxford.

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