Panel Event: Status Seeking in World Politics: India, Russia and China in Comparative Perspective

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Speakers: Prof. Rajesh Basrur, NTU, Singapore; Dr Kate Sullivan de Estrada, Area Studies, Oxford; Prof. Roy Allison, Area Studies, Oxford; Prof. Rosemary Foot, DPIR, Oxford

In this panel session, Professor Rajesh Basrur and Dr Kate Sullivan de Estrada, authors of the forthcoming book Rising India: Status and Power, present theoretical and empirical insights from their study of India’s status in contemporary world politics, the first substantial work to chart the ways in which India’s international strategies of status seeking have evolved from Independence up to the present day. They are joined by Professor Roy Allison and Professor Rosemary Foot, experts on Russian and Chinese international politics respectively, who will offer comparative reflections on Russia’s and China’s status-seeking strategies in critical response to the book.

All welcome.

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