Oxford Latin American Graduate Network Graduate Seminar Series: An Ecological and Cinematographic Reflection on the Representation of Indigenous Andean Worldviews in Oscar Catacora’s Wiñaypacha (2017)

Speaker: Anneli Aliaga, DPhil candidate, University of Oxford

Discussant: Jamie de Moya-Cotter, PhD Candidate, Latin American Literatures and Cultures, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Zoom registration: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIkcOqqrTgjGtE9i87gudANL07WvpGh2Q-w


anneli aliaga

Having recently completed an MPhil in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge, Anneli transferred to the University of Oxford to start a DPhil in Spanish. Anneli is a Bolivian/British first-year DPhil student in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages and is an awardee of the Magdalen College Graduate Scholarship. Her doctoral research understands cinema authored by Indigenous peoples as the epitome of both an epistemic and cinematic process of decolonisation. She plans to build on the existing scholarship on Indigenous film in Bolivia and Peru by investigating the political and ecological significance behind the rise of self-representative Indigenous filmmaking in the two nations. Anneli’s doctoral project will be carried out based on an array of low-budget, feature-length and short, fiction films authored by Quechua, Aymara, Ayoreo, Ticuna, and Mojeño filmmakers and communities. These films provide an original cinematic commentary on socio-political, racial, cultural, ecological, and territorial struggles in the Indigenous Bolivian and Peruvian imaginary.