OLAGN Seminar Series: Roundtable on “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Latin America"

We are very pleased to invite you to our last event of the term, a roundtable discussion on “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Latin America”.

We are glad to confirm the participation of our two guest speakers, Dr Olivia Vázquez-Medina (Medieval and Modern Languages Faculty) and Dr Ezequiel González Ocantos (Department of Politics and International Relations), who will introduce us to the topic by sharing insights and personal experiences. 

The roundtable discussion aims to engage graduate researches in a conversation about the possibilities, limits, and challenges of interdisciplinarity in Latin American studies. Attendees will be invited to consider interdisciplinarity in training, theory, methodology, and academic communication. All are welcome!


roundtable discussion of interdisciplinary approaches to latin america 4