Nissan Seminar: This Monk Wears Heels – Buddhism and Sexuality

Convener(s): Dr Juliana Buriticá Alzate, Dr Chinami Oka, Dr Alice Baldock, and Dr Olga Khomenko

Speaker(s): Ven. Kodo Nishimura


Kodo Nishimura, Artist, Buddhist monk, and LGBTQ+ activist will share his personal story and his view on the evolution of Buddhism in Japan. He will focus on how diversity and inclusion are considered in the Japanese Buddhist context, and elaborate on how religious teachings can liberate people to live as who they are. Join us and learn how he heals the world with Buddhist teachings in makeup and heels.

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Kodo Nishimura is an artist and Buddhist monk born in Tokyo in 1989. He graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York. After graduating, he started to thrive as a makeup artist in the US, working behind the scenes of Miss Universe and NY Fashion Week. In 2015, Kodo trained to be a monk and was certified by the Pure Land school. He rose to fame following his appearance in “Queer Eye: We're in Japan.” As an LGBTQ+ activist, he spoke at the United Nations Population Fund, Yale University, and Stanford University, which attracted wide coverage on the likes of CNN, BBC, ABC and Vogue. He recently appeared on “Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne” on BBC and Hulu. His book This Monk Wears Heels is available in 8 languages. His mission is to empower all people sharing Buddhist wisdom with a touch of makeup.