Nissan Seminar: 17 Short Lived

Convener(s): Professor Sho Konishi and Hugh Whittaker

Speaker(s): Takao Saiki

The Institute is pleased to welcome director and producer Takao Saiki for a special showing of his film “17 Short Lived” (in Japanese with English subtitles).


During WW II in Okinawa, Japan, 555 high school girls were drafted to become nurses.  They were given no choice and no information.  194 of them died.  70 years after the loss of WW II and horrifying experience of the Okinawa battle, the heartache still remains.  They were never told anything.  “I could only talk about it 44 years after the loss of WW II.”  Survivor, Michiko Miyagi talks about her life changing experience.  More information can be found on the website:


The film show will take place in the Nissan Institute Lecture Theatre from 5.00 pm followed by a Q&A session with Takao Saiki.