Moldova presidential elections 30 October: patronal politics and varying vectors

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Convener: Paul Chaisty (St Antony's)

Speaker: John Beyer (St Antony's)

Moldova remains torn between its historic economic and cultural ties to Russia, and the lure of funding and support from the EU and US. Presidential elections on 30 October present the electorate with a choice between candidates who will take Moldova back towards Russia and those who promise a European vector. 

The seminar will address what options confront Moldova in the light of the election results; and, overlaying the East or West question, whether Moldova remains a viable functioning state following the $20 billion "Moldova Laundromat" money laundering and bank fraud achieved with the connivance of "pro-European" politicians.  What choices remain for a bankrupt and pervasively patronal state? 

John Beyer recently co-authored, with Stefan Wolff, Linkage and Leverage effects on Moldova's Transnistria problem, East European Studies Vol 32 2016 19 July 2015 p 335-354.  John is currently a Senior Associate in the Russian and Eurasian Centre and was British Ambassador to Moldova 2006-9.