Mandarin Forum: Governing Media and Mediatized Governance: Cultural Dynamics in Contemporary Chinese Politics

mandarin forum

Conveners: University of Oxford China Centre, SIAS

Speaker: Yu Xin

The talk is based on an empirical study which compares three environmental protests that took place in China in May 2013. It explores why these three events which focused on the same issue (p-Xylene) and occurred at the same time received rather different responses from their local government. This study reveals that local government's communication strategy is the key variable.  Through a careful analysis of the concepts and practices of governing media and the mediatized context, especially after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, this study attempts to develop a theoretical model for the discourse mechanism of government response to mass protests, and helps shed light on the cultural dynamics of contemporary Chinese politics.

Dr Yu Xin is a political communication researcher and currently conducting his postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford China Centre. His research interests include comparative journalism, political communication and mediatized politics in contemporary China. He holds a PhD (with distinction) in Communication, a BA in Journalism and a LLB in Law from Tsinghua University.

Mandarin Presentation  /  English PPT  /  Bilingual Q&A  /  Sandwich Lunch Provided

Convenor: Dr Annie Hongping Nie

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