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Convener: Annie Hongping Nie

Speaker: Coraline Goron 

Based on a two-month field study in Shandong Province, the talk focuses on the customary protection of the environment and countermeasures against environmental pollution  adopted by grassroots ENGOs. The lecture first reviews the evolution of the legal framework for environmental information disclosure over the past 15 years and the links between online activities and offline activities, and then analyses how Chinese grassroots ENGOs monitor polluting enterprises, especially how to provide reliable environmental data to the public, including the strategies and specific means of ENGOs in disclosing environmental information, such as entering polluting enterprises and their changing environmental governance from within, exposing pollution in social networks, and enlisting local government intervention. In addition, the socio-political context of these 'online and offline' actions will be analysed through specific examples of the micro-processes in which ENGOs interact with the government, in order to explain why they are more prone to non-confrontational solutions in environmental disputes. Coraline Goron is a Wierner-Anspach Fellow at the University of Oxford China Centre. Her research project is @huanjing:  'The New frontiers of the State and the Politics of Environmental Conflict Resolution in China.' Mandarin Presentation;  English PPT;  Bilingual Q&A Sandwich Lunch Provided Convenor: Dr Annie Hongping Nie Open to all.  For catering purposes please sign up using the link below.