LAC Main Seminar Series.Book launch: US Hegemony and the Americas: Power and Economic Statecraft in International Relations

Conveners: Dr Andreza A de Souza Santos and Dr Carlos A Perez-Ricart

Speaker: Arturo Santa-Cruz, Universidad de Guadalajara


seminar arturo santa cruz week

Arturo Santa-Cruz (Ph D, Cornell University) is Professor at the Pacific Rim Department and Director of the North American Studies Center, at the University of Guadalajara, México. He is the author of Mexico-United States Relations: The Semantics of Sovereignty (2012) and International Election Monitoring, Sovereignty, and the Western Hemisphere Idea: The Emergence of an International Norm (2005); he is co-author of América del Norte, Volume 1 in the series "Historia de las relaciones internacionales de México, 1821–2010" (2011). He is editor or co-editor of, among other works, Introducción a las Relaciones Internacionales: América Latina y la Política Global (2013), The State and Security in Mexico: Transformation and Crisis in Regional Perspective (2012), La Política Sin Fronteras, O la Ubicuidad de lo Distintivo (2012), and El Constructivismo y las Relaciones Internacionales (2009). He has contributed many book chapters, and has published in specialized journals such as International OrganizationJournal of Latin American Studies, Estudios Internacionales and Foro Internacional.