Latin American History Seminar: The Representation of Spanish American Interests at the Imperial Court in the Age of the Bourbon Reforms, c. 1750-1808

week 4

Convener: Eduardo Posada-Carbo

Speaker: Alvaro Caso Bello, Johns Hopkins University

Álvaro Caso Bello is a Ph.D. candidate in History at Johns Hopkins University, having previously completed an M.A. in History at Hopkins. He recently co-edited, with Gabriel Paquette, a new edition of Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos’ most influential writings in G.M. de Jovellanos Report on the Agrarian Law (1795) and other writings (London: Anthem Press, 2016). He has published journal articles and book chapters for publications from Chile, Spain, Paraguay, and Uruguay. His research has been supported by the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, the École des Hautes Études Hispaniques et Ibériques-Casa de Velázquez, the Charles Singleton Center for the Study of Pre-Modern Europe, and the Program for Latin American Studies at Johns Hopkins.

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