Latin American History Seminar: A 'Brown Man's Country'? Langston Hughes in Mexico

week 6

Convener: Eduardo Posada-Carbo

Speakers: William Booth, St Catherine’s College and Johns Hopkins University in Bologna

William Booth is Lecturer in Modern History at St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford and Adjunct Professor in Latin American Studies at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (Bologna). He works primarily on Latin American lefts during the twentieth century, thinking about complicating factors such as nationalism, factionalism, and authoritarianism. While much of his focus has been on Marxists in Mexico, he has branched out into other strands of socialism across the Americas. His second research strand examines writers and politics in post-Revolutionary Mexico, including Langston Hughes, B. Traven and Martín Luis Guzmán. He is a founding editor of the Radical Americas Journal.

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Joint Seminar with the Rothermere American Institute