Latin American Centre Seminars: Roundtable discussion with Oxford Transitional Justice Research

cath collins week 3mt16

Convener: David Doyle

Roundtable discussion organised with Oxford Transitional Justice Research on Cath Collins’ (University of Ulster) new book, Transitional Justice in Latin America: 'From Impunity Toward Accountability (eds.) with Roddy Brett (University of St Andrews) and Ezequiel González Ocantos (University of Oxford). 

Cath Collins is Professor of Transitional Justice at Ulster University and research associate at the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, where she founded and still directs the Transitional Justice Observatory,  mapping current justice, truth and reparations developments in Chile over the Pinochet -era dictatorship. She works closely with relatives’ associations and with forensic, judicial and legal professionals n the region on these issues, is currently involved in a UK-Chile exchange project to improve the search for victims of disappearance,  and is a founder member of the Latin American Transitional Justice Network  Her previous publications include the books 'The Politics of Memory in Chile' (co-edited) and 'Post-Transitional Justice: Human Rights Trials in Chile and El Salvador'.  She teaches and supervises in the UK and Chile on Latin American politics and transitional justice. She holds a PhD in politics from the Institute for the Study of the Americas at the University of London (2004), and was the Chatham House Research Fellow for Latin America (2005-2007).  Her first and masters' degrees are from the universities of Cambridge, London, Lancaster, and Queens’ Belfast.