LAC Main Seminar Series: The Situational Dimension of Intersectional Inequalities in post-Covid Urban Public Spaces in Latin America

Convener: David Doyle, University of Oxford

Speaker: Fraya Frehse, University of São Paulo

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@Paula Rochlitz Quintão - Public square in Covid-19 São Paulo (15.11.2020)

Situational space matters in the daily experience of intersectional inequalities in Latin America. Like other metropolises, São Paulo has registered an extraordinary increase of women-headed family homelessness during the pandemic. This talk addresses how social categories of difference contribute to the physical-material and social setting of urban public spaces in post-Covid Latin America. It asks how female heads of homeless families have mobilised categories regarding class, race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality and age in streets and squares of the region’s largest metropolis to sustain their lives and families. Based onethnographic research on their social-reproductive interactions in São Paulo (2020-2022), I assess a twofold hypothesis. Intersectional asymmetries impact the production of urban public space situationally depending on their management within the spatial boundaries of face-to-face interaction for social-reproductive purposes.