**CANCELLED** LAC Main Seminar Series: The (un)making of the resilient subject in Guatemala’s colonial disasterscape

Speaker: Julie Cupples, University of Edinburgh

Convener(s): Dr Andreza A de Souza Santos and Dr Carlos A Perez-Ricart

julie cupples critica y desarrollo

Julie Cupples is Professor of Human Geography and Cultural Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She has been working in Central America since 1990 and has done research there on neoliberalism and state transition, gender and revolution/counter-revolution, disasters and environmental risk, electricity privatization, elections and democratization, indigenous and Afro-descendant rights, and media cultures. She is currently engaged in two key research projects both funded by the GCRF; a project that is mapping the cultural, familial, historical and geopolitical connections between Nicaragua, Colombia and the San Andrés archipelago and another that involves working with survivors of the eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala. She is the author or editor of seven books, the most recent of which is Producing and Contesting Urban Marginality: Interdisciplinary and Comparative Dialogues.