LAC History Seminar Series: Reassessing Race and Visual Culture in Brazil: Representations of Blackness and National Identity in Bahia and Brazil

Convener: Eduardo Posada-Carbó, University of Oxford

Speaker: Anadelia Romo, Texas State University. 

Discussant: Daniel McDonald, St Antony’s College


To join online, please register in advance:   


week 3 tt23


Anadelia Romo received her B.A. in History from Princeton University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in History from Harvard University. Her area of specialty is Latin America and her research examines race in modern Brazil. She is also interested in the broader African diaspora in Latin America, with a particular focus on questions of race and inequality.  Her newest book, Selling Black Brazil: Race, Nation, and Visual Culture in Salvador, Bahia (UT Press, 2022), reveals how the mid-century modernist movement in Bahia worked together with budding tourist promotions to establish a racialized visual culture that continues to dominate the city today. This project explores the tangled connections between race, representation, and tourism that have shaped the structure of modern racial inequality in Brazil.