Japan Politics Colloquium

Convenors: Professor Ian Neary (Oxford), Professor Chris Hughes (Warwick) and Dr Giulio Pugliese (Oxford and EUI)


The Japan Politics Colloquium is a regular event offering a space for researchers to share their ideas and benefit from discussion of their preliminary findings. It covers both domestic and international themes.

This year it will bring together colleagues from Sheffield, Warwick, INALCO (Paris) and Oxford. Papers at this year’s colloquium will include discussion of Japan’s defence industrial strategy focussing on fighter aircraft production, aspects of Japan’s relations with China, digitalisation policy, the politics of education reform, party discipline within the parliamentary system and Japan’s affirmative action policies.

Presentations will be kept brief to allow ample time for comments and discussion.

All are welcome.

A full list of the sessions, abstracts of each of the papers, and draft papers are available on request to ian.neary@nissan.ox.ac.uk



13.30 - 15.15

Chair: Hugh Whittaker


Japan’s Defence Industrial Strategy and Fighter Aircraft Production: Striving for Tier-One Status

Chris Hughes (Warwick)


Leadership and Japan’s China Policy: From Diplomacy to Grand Strategy

Giulio Pugliese (Oxford and EUI)


Comparative capitalism and transnational corporations between Japan and China amid intensified geopolitical tensions: Divergent vehicle electrification paths

Fumihito Goto (Sheffield)



Refreshments will be available in the Foyer of the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies


15.30 - 16.45

Chair: Gill Steel (Doshisha)


Hampered digitalisation: Japan's regulation gap and its continuing economic malaise

Saori Shibata (Sheffield)


Meritocracy versus Mobility: Class Interests and the Politics of Education Reform in Contemporary Japan

Robert W. Aspinall (Doshisha)


17.00 - 18.30


Does Japan have a Whip system?

Guibourg Delamotte (Inalco)


The Dowa Policy Process

Ian Neary (Oxford)


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.