International Multimodal Communication Centre Research Seminar

Event Programme

5 pm – 5.50 pm: Talk: Researching viewpoint construction in Russian media at three levels of
automation: What can cognitive linguistics and corpus linguistics contribute to analysis of large
multimodal datasets?
By Dr Anna Wilson, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies
5:50 – 6.20 pm: Q&A
6:20 – 7:00 pm: discussion during a wine reception

Abstract: The topic of viewpoint construction in media is currently of interest to researchers from various disciplines - social sciences, humanities, natural and life sciences - as it can help e.g. to
understand the construction and functioning of propaganda; interpretation, perception and discussion of literature and film; certain framing of historical events; relation between media, culture
and history; perception and interpretation of art work; decoding verbal content in archaeology;modelling of multimodal human communication and behaviour in machine learning and robotics.
What communication and discourse strategies, techniques, mechanisms underlie viewpoint construction or framing of events and situations in a certain way? What multimodal strategies are
used to construct viewpoint in media? How can we analyse multimodal strategies in large messy media datasets? Why do we need to use cognitive linguistics and corpus linguistics tools to be able to
analyse large multimodal datasets in a successful meaningful way? What existing computational tools can help us to do just that? Dr Wilson will attempt to give some answers to these questions through
presenting her research on multimodal viewpoint construction in Russian media, which uses Red Hen Lab ( as a platform.

Bio: Dr Anna Wilson is the Head of Language Studies at Russian and East European Studies, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford. Trained as a philologist and a linguist, she
works in the fields of cognitive linguistics, cognitive poetics, critical discourse studies, political and media communication, especially on multimodal communication analysis and conceptual blending
analysis of Russian media discourse. Her research interests range from the construction of meaning in multimodal discourse and communication, analysis of metaphor, counter-factuality, viewpoint, and
parody in media discourse, to the use of cognitive linguistics methods in interdisciplinary research in the social sciences and humanities.

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