IndOx Webinar: South Asian Philanthropy and the Arts

Conveners: The India-Oxford Initiative

Speakers: Mallica Kumbera Landrus, Anders Peterson, Lekha Poddar, Robert Easton.


Welcome & introductions

Mallica Kumbera Landrus

Chair, The India-Oxford Initiative (IndOx)

Keeper of the Eastern Art Department

Ashmolean Museum

University of Oxford 

5 minutes

South Asia: Art and Philanthropy Report 2020

Anders Peterson

Founder – ArtTactic

5 minutes (presentation)

Devi Art Foundation

Lekha Poddar

Founder -  Devi Art Foundation

5 minutes (presentation)



(Chaired by Robert Easton)

Robert Easton

Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor Development and External Affairs University of Oxford


Lekha Poddar


Anders Peterson


30-35 minutes

Audience questions

(2 or 3 questions)

5 -7 minutes

Vote of thanks

Mallica Kumbera Landrus

2 – 3 minutes


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The webinar will be live-streamed on YouTube and we encourage you send in your questions via the YouTube chat box. Sign in via your google/gmail account to send in questions on YouTube. The livestream link is: