Gender and Infrastructure: Intersections between Postsocialist and Postcolonial Geographies

Dr Agnieszka Koscianska will be taking part in the UCL workshop: Gender and Infrastructure: Intersections between Postsocialist and Postcolonial Geographies. The workshop investigates the relationship between gender, subjectivity and space, specifically the ways in which this is experienced and theorised in postsocialist and postcolonial contexts. 

In the socialist context, theorists have emphasised the links between infrastructure, in particular mass housing and ideology. Scholars of postcolonial geographies have in turn interrogated the relationship between technologies of governance and the infrastructural transformation of colonial territories. In both cases, infrastructure functions to effect the realisation of social, political and cultural projects and represents one of the most significant and long-lasting legacies that shapes postsocialist and postcolonial experience. In spite of the interwoven complexity of infrastructures, political, and social transformations, the question of gender remains neglected. 

Acknowledging epistemological differences and differentiated historical contexts that determine these intricate and often contradictory discourses, the colloquium aims to reassess the role of infrastructure in mediating the interaction between postsocialist and/or postcolonial spaces and varying conceptions of gendered subjectivities and agency.


For full details about the workshop and to book please visit the website here.