Equality within Our Lifetimes

A talk by Professor Jody Heymann for the University of Oxford Hub on Global Experiences of Gender in an Age of Care Crises and Transformation on her co-authored book 'Equality Within Our Lifetimes'.

The talk will be online on MS Teams, you can join here: Click here to join the meeting

equality within our lifetimes

Well into the twenty-first century, achieving gender equality in the economy remains unfinished business. Worldwide, women’s employment, income, and leadership opportunities lag men’s. Building and using a law and policy database that covers 193 countries, this book examines how far we’ve come and how far we have to go in adopting evidence-based solutions to close the gaps. Spanning topics including girls’ education, employment discrimination of all kinds, sexual harassment, and caregiving needs across the life course, the book brings the findings to life through global maps, stories of laws’ impact in courts and beyond, and case studies of making change.

Professor Jody Heymann is founding director of the WORLD Policy Analysis Center and served as dean of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health from 2013-2018. As director of the WORLD Policy Analysis Center (WORLD), she leads an unprecedented effort to improve the level and quality of comparative policy data available to policymakers, researchers and the public. WORLD examines health and social policies and outcomes in all 193 UN countries.

professor jody heymann


Professor Heymann has authored and edited more than 500 publications, including 19 books. Selected titles include Equality within Our Lifetimes (University of California Press, 2023), Advancing Equality (University of California Press, 2020), Changing Children’s Chances (Harvard University Press, 2013), Making Equal Rights Real (Cambridge University Press, 2012), Lessons in Educational Equality (Oxford University Press, 2012), Protecting Childhood in the AIDS Pandemic (Oxford University Press, 2012), Profit at the Bottom of the Ladder (Harvard Business Press, 2010), Raising the Global Floor (Stanford University Press, 2009), Trade and Health (McGill Queens University Press, 2007), Forgotten Families (Oxford University Press, 2006), and Healthier Societies (Oxford University Press, 2006). 


Her research interests are bridging the gap between research and policymakers by translating research into policies and programs that improve individual and population health. Particular focus on policies that advance equal opportunity, health and economic outcomes.