Education in Crisis: Re-thinking Education in (Post)-Pandemic South Asia

Conveners: Uma Pradhan (University of Oxford, UK); Karen Valentin (Aarhus University, Denmark); Mohini Gupta (University of Oxford, UK)

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In what ways do we need to re-think education in South Asia? As South Asia faces the devastating second wave of the pandemic, its education systems are likely to confront an even greater crisis than ever before. This pandemic has not only exposed existing economic, social and political fault lines, but has also exacerbated the enduring societal inequalities. The recovery and rebuilding of the education will require ‘Rethinking Education’, in terms of its contents, methods, and governance. The emerging new forms and manifestations of crisis in education urge us to rethink our approaches to education in order to be responsive to uncertain futures.

This conference takes the (post)-pandemic context of South Asia both as a lens to understand this crisis as well as a site to understand the existing challenges in education. What are the political and economic fissures that have emerged as a result of the pandemic? Has the situation led to innovation in technology and created positive changes in the system? What is the long-term impact of a crisis of this scale, and is this a critical inflection point that will determine the future direction of education? How has South Asia in particular reacted to the challenges posed by this ongoing adversity?


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