Digital Technologies in Care Relationships and Practices: Surveillance, Autonomy, and Vulnerability

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hub's second Virtual café where Hub member Zuzana Sekeráková Búriková will be discussing her research on Digital technologies in care relationships and practices: surveillance, autonomy, and vulnerability. 

zuzana sekerakova burikova

The key objective of this project is to study the dynamics of the relationship between power / control / surveillance, vulnerability and care via research on the use of digital technologies within the field of family relationships. The theoretical background draws on the feminist ethics of care, digital anthropology, and science and technology studies. The project is exploratory in nature and combines quantitative and qualitative research methods: omnibus survey, focus groups with experts in the field of helping professions, along with in-depth interviews. We have already started with the part of the project on intimate partner relationships and prepare a project looking at relationships between parents and children and between adult people and their elderly parents. We will examine practices, as well as their interpretations focusing on when - in which relationships and situations - digital technologies are interpreted as manifestations of care and tools of protection, and when they are interpreted  as interfering with the autonomy of the individual, or tools of control and manifestations of violence.

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