China’s Water Quality Management in the Era of Big Data

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Convener: Dr Annie Hongping Nie

Speaker: Yan Weigang

China, a country where water culture and dragon totem are worshipped, is lost in the trade-off between economic development and environmental conservation. Over 90% of the rivers and nearly 60% of underground water are contaminated in China. Will China benefit from the booming new technology and data sharing in terms of the improvement of its water quality management? How can China learn from past lessons and other countries’ experiences in order to control its water crisis? This report will introduce the Citizen Science Project run by the Earthwatch Institute, exploring the influence of new technology, including big data and the Internet of Things, on public awareness, monitoring process, and national policy and strategies related to water quality management in China. Yan Weigang is currently a researcher at the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, UK. She has participated in several international collaborations and initiatives in respect to environmental management. Her research interests include agriculture and ecosystem services, water management, citizen science, environmental monitoring, decision making systems and the application of big data technology in these fields.   Mandarin Presentation English PPT Bilingual Q&A Sandwich Lunch provided Convenor: Dr Annie Hongping Nie Open to all.  For catering purposes please sign up using the link below