CHEW Conference 2018: Health, Environment and Welfare in China’s New Era

China’s Health, Environment and Welfare (CHEW) is an interdisciplinary research cluster at the University of Oxford. CHEW is a forum for graduate students, young researchers and established academics from across the social sciences and humanities as well as policy and civil society actors working on a range of issues relevant to contemporary China.


CHEW was founded in 2013 and staged its inaugural Conference in Green Templeton College in 2014. CHEW hosts regular seminars and shares information about events, conferences and new research findings through various online platforms. In past years CHEW has hosted talks by: Dr Stuart Basten (Department of Social Policy and Intervention), Fergus Green (Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE), Dr Jenny Chan (China Centre, Oxford), Mia MacDonald (Brighter Green, New York), Isabel Hilton (, London), Prof Peter Ho (Delft University of Technology), Liang Chen (University of Westminster), Dr Mao Da (Nature University NGO), Prof Lina Song (University of Nottingham), Dr Paul Jobin (University of Paris Diderot), and many others.

CHEW would not exist without a team of volunteers: Caleb Pomeroy, Saher Hasnain, Peter Chan, Matthias Qian, Irina Fedorenko, Loretta Lou, Guanli Zhang, Huw Pohlner, Clement Sehier, and Carlo Inverardi Ferri have participated in the research cluster in the past. We also thank the China Centre and the University staff for their dedicated support over the years. In particular, we acknowledge the help of Prof. Rana Mitter, Prof. Anna Lora-Waiwright and Clare Ochard.

The CHEW Conference 2018 has been generously funded by the University of Oxford China Centre and the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies. We also thank the ESRC and DTC research fund for their support in previous years.

Coraline, Anna, Kevin, Rowan and Yvan


Health, Environment and Welfare in China’s New Era 
More than five years into Xi’s leadership, and less than two years until the target date of 2020 set by the Chinese Communist Party to achieve a “moderately prosperous society”, time has come to take stock of the country’s evolution. What are the challenges faced by present-day China, how have they been addressed in recent years and how may they evolve in the future
The event will start on Friday, October 12 at 2:45 with a keynote talk by Prof. Genia Kostka from the Free University of Berlin on ‘Tightening the grip: environmental governance under Xi Jinping’. A roundtable on social activism in today’s China moderated by Pr. Anna Lora-Wainwright will follow. On Saturday, October 13 several panels will allow conference participants to continue exploring how the political and institutional changes carried out by the Xi administration have impacted the way in which Chinese actors mobilise and engage with environmental, health and welfare issues across administrative, geographic and technological boundaries.

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