BSP Coffee and Science: The Four Workarounds

The Oxford University Brazilian Society (OUBS) and the Brazilian Studies Programme (BSP/LAC) are happy to announce the February edition of the OUBS-BSP Coffee and Science.

Speaker: Prof Paulo Savaget, Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Science and Saïd Business School.

coffee science feb24


In his talk, Paulo Savaget will show how “scrappy” organizations tackle seemingly intractable problems – such as illegal logging, discrimination, and diarrheal deaths – through workarounds that achieve massive wins with minimal resources. In his 2023 book, The Four Workarounds, Paulo identified four workarounds that these groups commonly employ – the piggyback, the loophole, the roundabout, and the next best – and demonstrates how to know which one to use when. In his talk, Paulo will also describe how his research builds on his identity and experiences in Brazil.