Artistic dissent in Ukraine and geopolitics of sexuality and gender

Speaker: Dr Olenka S. Dmytryk (Cambridge)

Convenor: Dr Darya Tsymbalyuk (St Antony's)

At the time when the securitization of ‘traditional’ or ‘spiritual and moral values’ (Østbø 2017) is used by Russia as a justification for military invasion and genocide, it is important to talk about gender and sexuality as crucial for understanding national identity, state boundaries, and large geopolitical formations. The talk will address this topic through exploring artistic sexual/gender dissent produced in Ukraine before and after 2014, drawing from the examples of the insitutionalised art and the 'shimmering archives' of the art and artivism functioning aside from the institutions.

Ukraine: Resisting Cultural Erasure - This short seminar series celebrates Ukrainian culture and reflects on resistance to cultural erasure by artists, filmmakers, musicians, and others. It has been put together to mark the month of February, when on the 24.02.2022 Russia escalated its war on Ukraine to a full-scale invasion.