The launch of the new AHRC Research Network Gender Wars: East and South

Join us for the launch of the new AHRC Research Network 
Gender Wars: East and South  

Gender Wars: East and South is an international interdisciplinary network of scholars and an artist focusing on gender and sexuality across Latin America and Central Eastern Europe in a comparative, cross-regional perspective. Its purpose is to bring together disciplinary expertise, area-based knowledge, and local know-how to Gender Wars aims to document the similarities, differences, and connections between "anti-gender" movements across the two regions. 


3 pm – 4 pm  Roundtable: Dialogues across and between East and South 

Chair: Nicolette Makovicky (University of Oxford) 

Flávia Biroli (University of Brasília) Anti-gender politics and democracy 

Hadley Renkin (Central European University) Forever (gender) wars? Persistent postcolonial otherings 

Agnieszka Kościańska (University Warsaw) Religion, reproduction and anti-genderism 

Felipe Fernandes (University of Bahia) Non-heteronormative sexualities in anti-gender agendas 

Conny Roggeband (University of Amsterdam) The war on gender and the reconfiguration of civic space 

Karol Radziszewski (Warsaw) Gender wars in artistic practice 

Discussant: Malu Gatto (University College London) 


4:00 – 4.30 pm Coffee Break 

4:30 pm – 6 pm Women against “anti-genderism”  

Chair: Agnieszka Kościańska 

Joana Perrone (University of Oxford) “Bela, recatada e do lar”: gender violence and femininity in contemporary Brazil 

Agnieszka Kubal (University College London): Women’s Complaint as a window into the Polish society: Legal mobilization against authoritarian backsliding following the abortion law 

Karolina Follis (Lancaster University) Bordering on war: the politics of gender and human mobility in Poland   

Discussants: Victoria Goddard and Frances Pine (Goldsmiths, University of London). 


6 pm – 7 pm Wine Reception 

This is an in-person event with a possibility to join us remotely. Please visit Eventbrite to register for this event here.

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Source: ORMUSA Facebook Page