Edward Rhys Jones

"Shwmae! I started studying for an MPhil at OSGA and St Antony’s College, Oxford in Autumn 2022. 

I am primarily interested in East Asian policy in the Arctic; my research will examine Japan’s observer membership of the Arctic Council from a neoclassical realist perspective, and ask how Japanese Arctic policy has been influenced by this membership. My fieldwork will be conducted in Sapporo and Tokyo, Japan (where I will spend some time as a Visiting Student at the University of Hokkaido), with further input from Arctic stakeholders. I previously worked as an intern and, later, communications coordinator for Arctic Circle, an international platform for trans-Arctic dialogue with a Secretariat based in Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Aside from my research in Arctic governance and policy, I remain interested in genocide studies and memorialisation, as well as in Caucasus (and in particular Armenian) history and post-Soviet geopolitics. In 2022, I worked as a research fellow at the Caucasus Research Resource Centre in Yerevan and at the American University of Armenia; my research there concerned socio-political attitudes towards genocide and war, as well as Turkish-Armenian relations and normalisation.