Christopher Pieper

I am from Chicago, received my BA from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota (2018), and

have worked and lived in Shenzhen, China, and in Hong Kong. My research interests are broadly focused on contemporary state power, the relationship between subject and sovereign, and state techniques of managing human and natural resources. In particular, I am interested in the way contemporary states exert political power and control far beyond the

‘political’ realm- through, for example, the regulation of bodies and behavior, the production of cultural knowledge and values, the creation and consumption of media, and the ordering of space and mobility. I hope to use this broad understanding of state power to research contemporary China, the US, and US-China relations, at a historical moment when US-China decoupling appears imminent while, at the same time, this age of crisis and precarity implies the need for greater global interdependence.

St Antony's College