Review of Adebanwi’s edited volume on LSE Centre for Africa Blog

wale book

Last year the centre's director Wale Adebanwi edited a book called The Political Economy of Everyday Life in Africa: Beyond the Margins, which has now been reviewed by interdisciplinary researcher, Fabien Cante. The review can be found on the LSE Centre for Africa blog here

"Edited by Professor Wale Adebanwi, the book is a wide-ranging compendium of rigorous and critical scholarship on Africa, past and present. It is by no means an easy book. Some of the chapters’ theoretical propositions are complex, while the themes covered – money, work, social life, poverty, health, history, memory and democracy, no less – are as vast as they are dizzyingly multi-faceted. But it is in this richness, and in the authors’ combination of theoretical ambition and empirically-grounded nuance, that the book acts as a veritable treasure-chest. It also acts as a counter-point to both the snappy, indicator-driven stories of transformation that currently abound and the more long-standing, doom-and-gloom imaginaries of African stagnation." said Fabien Cante of the book.